Loose nuts!


Citroen DS wheel with worn stud holes

We had a DS23 IE Pallas in the workshop recently where the owner wanted the front wheels balanced. When I removed the wheel trims I found that some lazy sod had given the wheels a nice respray without even removing them from the car! The nuts were all covered in the paint too, which of course immediately all flaked off when I loosened them.
Had that person bothered to remove the wheels and do a half decent job, they would have noticed that one of the wheels had been running with loose nuts at some time in the past and as a result, the stud holes in the wheel were about one and a half times bigger than they should have been and badly burred. Obviously there was no point trying to balance that one
as it could not be accurately located on the car or balancing machine and needed to be replaced. Not only that, but it was a 5J wheel (round centre hole) rather than a 5.5J (square centre hole) as a DS23 should have and the others on the car were.

worn wheel stud hole

Worn Citroen DS wheel stud hole caused by loose nuts

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