How to recognise a worn out drive shaft on a Citroen DS

We recently had a Citroen DS23 in the workshop because of a knock, knock, knock sound when turning corners.

This is the tell-tale sign that an outer universal joint is worn out and sure enough, upon inspection the left side joint was in a fairly poor state. It must have been making the noise for some time as they will start to do this with only a little bit of play and this one had more than a little bit, but was by no means the worst I have seen.


The good news is that new drive shafts are readily available for all Citroen DS and ID models made after 1966.



2 Comments on “How to recognise a worn out drive shaft on a Citroen DS”

  1. Pete says:

    Ah yes a familiar sound! One to listen out for if you’re test driving a car you’re thinking of buying. Make sure you drive slowly round a sharp bend with the window open for the full effect! My DS23 has had two of the new drive shafts for the last two years and is much happier for it too.

  2. AlGrayson says:

    Not everyone may know that the zerk (greasing) fitting on the driveshaft out near the wheel is for the centering bushing only. The double joint cups are not regreasable on a practical level.

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