RHD Citroen DS20 Safari For Sale – exceptional condition (NOW SOLD)

I have just put the following ad up in the showroom on our website. To contact the vendor, please visit the ad on our website for his contact details.
1973 Citroen DS20 Safari in exceptional condition. (We have inspected this car ourselves and can vouch for this. It is in truly exceptional condition. – Citroen Classics)  It has covered 74k miles and has a 4 speed manual gearbox. One
previous owner before me Atol Machan (an aerospace engineer) who was well
known to the Citroen Car Club and the car was a `concours d`elegance` winner a number of
times. It was kept in dry storage for a number of years and is still completely
original and unrestored. 5 new Vrederstein tyres, a starter motor and fuel pump saw it come back to life and pass its mot. It has driven
fabulously throughout the summer and the only know faults are that the fuel
gauge doesn’t work and the fuel filter can block up after some use. The
seats are separating in places on the rear squabs but completely intact. The
only non-original item is a Paddy Hopkirk soundproofing kit.
I have removed the tow bar for aesthetic reasons and put the folding seats
back in the boot. There is a small panel missing in the boot and the
replacement I have is a bit rusty unlike the rest of the car! The photos are
pre-tow bar removal and with the original holiday stickers on the boot which
after a lot of thought I removed (I still have some that were not put on and
could be!), plus the number plates are now black and silver. See photo with
the Corvette (also for sale!) More photos available on request.
I really think this car is a `keeper` but I feel more like a custodian of a museum piece than a relaxed driver but that’s just me!  Loads of spares, original purchase reciept, log book, brochures, and masses of history as well as original and comprehensive (beautiful) Citroen workshop manuals.

2 Comments on “RHD Citroen DS20 Safari For Sale – exceptional condition (NOW SOLD)”

  1. peter rhodes says:

    hlello. yes it does look like a good vehicle and i would be interested, i have not had one before and this looks just the job.. can you tell me area where it lives and the price,. nice to have an independent view , dont mind travelling and if price is right can be there this week if that is alright with you.. i live in liverpool so access to most places is not normally a problem regards peter

    • Hi Peter,

      This post is now almost a year old (seed date at the top of the post) and the car sold long ago. Keep checking back though as I’ll post about any others that I hear about too. Regards, Darrin.

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