Citroen Classics changes workshop booking-in system.

As of June 11th 2012 we have had to alter the way we book work in to the workshop.

Due to the nature of the work we do, dealing only with classic Citroens, we can never be sure that whatever job is booked in will only require the work it is booked for. In actual fact it is a rare occurrence that a booked in vehicle only requires the work it was originally booked for as circumstances beyond our control often dictate that a 4 hour job can turn into a 2 day job, for example.
Until now there has usually been enough space between jobs to allow the additional work to be carried out without affecting the following bookings too much.

However, over the last 12 months or so demand for our services has increased to the point that there are no longer any gaps between jobs to act as buffers and on top of that, we are now fully booked until approximately mid-October.
This puts time constraints on the work we are able to do to your car and has also led to the problem of having nowhere to put the cars which arrive for work on the day booked, but which we are unable to start on for a number of days, or weeks.
Both of these things I believe adversely affect the level of service which we are able to offer you and in some cases I am downright embarrassed that we have been unable to get work completed and back to the customer within a reasonable time frame.

Therefore I have taken the decision to alter our workshop booking in arrangements to follow the same queue system that we use for the body shop.
Jobs will no longer be booked in on a certain date, but when booked will join the end of the queue. At the time of booking we will let you know approximately when you should expect to be at the top of the queue.
As we work through the queue and your job gets closer to the top we will contact you to discuss the best day and time for you to bring the car in.
We will give you as much notice as we can, but this will usually be around 5 – 10 days beforehand.
Should you require the car to be ready by a certain date, for a holiday or wedding for example, please advise us of this when booking and we will do our best to accommodate it where possible.

Although this will inevitably result in an amount of uncertainty as to when you will get your car fixed, the advantages are that when we are working on your car it will get the best possible attention, there will be time to do all the jobs you require and it will be here for the shortest amount of time.
Also, should you be unfortunate enough to suffer a breakdown or need an emergency repair we will have the flexibility to be able to respond and get you on the road again in the shortest time, with minimal disruption to our other clients.

All jobs currently booked in for work after June 11th 2012 will automatically form the queue and will be done in the order that they are in the diary.
If you are one of our clients who is already booked for work, your booking still stands, it’s just that the actual date you were booked for may no longer apply. We will contact you to explain the situation further and discuss your specific case.

I apologise now for any inconvenience this may cause, but I also feel that it ensures we can offer you a better level of service with the least amount of disruption in the long term. (and I can stop working 15 hour days, 6 and often 7 days a week, just trying to keep up!)

Darrin Brownhill
Partner, Citroen Classics.

P.S.  As the queue for the workshop is currently about four and a half months long, in order to shorten it to a more acceptable level, we have a vacancy for a competent mechanic. Must have experience working on older Citroens, or be a fast learner and must be able to work to a very high standard unsupervised. The successful applicant will be part of a small team, who wish to stay as a small team, turning out high quality work done right the first time.

Contact me via email or telephone if you are interested and can meet the conditions above. Contact details can be found at

One Comment on “Citroen Classics changes workshop booking-in system.”

  1. Kris says:

    I like the idea! Hopefully it means your family will get to see more of you 😉

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