Leaking LHM fluid reservoir

We recently had a D Super 5  in the workshop with a hydraulic leak from near the front of the car.

Upon investigating we found the leak was from under the fluid reservoir and expected a loose or perished return hose to be the culprit. Inspection with a torch and mirror showed that it was the reservoir itself that was at fault, due to a tiny rust pit in the bottom of an otherwise rust free reservoir!

After emptying and removing the reservoir, it got a thorough clean inside and out and the hole was soldered up before refitting to the car.

Tiny pin hole in bottom of the LHM fluid reservoir

2 Comments on “Leaking LHM fluid reservoir”

  1. Ted Ax says:

    Geez, Just had this exact problem in my brake fluid Pallas…

  2. Isidore says:

    This sort of pitting corrosion occurs in the bottom of the tanks of tankers. It is caused by the presence of small amounts of water which will of course be at the bottom of a tank of oil and also by the presence of any sludge/ dirt.

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