Technical weekends

We’re holding another Technical weekend for D owners in the Citroen Car Club.

They were started over ten years ago, to help owners learn simple fixes to help keep their cars on the road.

Usual jobs completed across a weekend include:

  • Engine work – setting tappets, change spark plugs, cleaning, clutch adjustment
  • Body work – adjusting panels, grease points/greasing, removing and refitting wings
  • Electrical work – cleaning connectors,  ignition work, fitting 123/points& condensers, tidying up
  • General maintenance – changing oil, bleeding brakes, changing rear gaiters,  checking fluid levels, changing wiper blades
  • New owner help – what the buttons do, changing tyres, maintenance schedule, what to look out for
  • The weekends are a great place to get together with other D owners and help each other.
  • This coming Tech weekend (on April 12 & 13 2014) is fully subscribed, but there is contact information on the Citroen Car Club site, if you are interested in attending further Technical weekends


6 Comments on “Technical weekends”

  1. yannoehl says:

    You should record and share video from this event!

  2. Robert Davis says:

    Hi  When is this happening Can you fit me in



    • Hi Rob,
      Sorry this happened at the weekend – if you’re interested in attending another one, contact details are on the Citroen Car Club website, under DS technical weekends

  3. Alexis Hammer says:

    Hi, could you tell me when this event is planned to take place? I’d be interested in attending.


    • Hi Alexis,
      Sorry it was at the weekend just gone.
      We’ll consider hosting another later in the year if there’s enough interest though.
      In the mean time you may want to contact Paul Noon via the d Technical Weekends part of the
      CCC website, so he can let you know of any others planned.

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