Mystery Citroen wheel trims

I have been contacted by someone with a number of these original Citroen wheel trims, but we can’t work out what they fit.

I think they are an accessory rather than a model specific factory fit, but could be wrong.

Part number is ZC9 853 120U  I’ve not been able to find in any parts books.

The trims measure approx. 36cm across and the centre is approx. 19.5cm which makes me think they are for 14″ wheels and appear to be pre-1980’s, so CX or C25?

mystery wheel trim Mystery wheel trim 1

Can anyone positively identify these so I can let the chap with them know?

5 Comments on “Mystery Citroen wheel trims”

  1. Alexis Hammer says:

    They look very similar to photos of hub cap infills on Chapron cars shown in Olivier de Serres’ book DS Le Grand Livre


  2. Lionel ROLLAND says:

    Are u asking me ??


  3. Alan Brazil says:

    Hi, I have a couple of these also that were in a job lot of parts I bought years ago. Would also be interested to know what they are off. Keep up the good work with the news letter! Alan

    • Hi Alan,

      The consensus is that they are for early CX with the small centre wheel trims. The size is correct and no other Citroen of that era had 14″ rims, except for GS Birotor. Cheers, Darrin

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