Revised budget tyre for Citroen D Models

Remember the Nankang tyres we were testing on our ID19? Well, they passed all our tests without any problems and we pronounced them a worthy budget tyre for D models. The only niggle we had with them was that the Michelin XVS style tread pattern was made inside out on the Nankangs.

These tyres have now been revised and the first batch of them has arrived today. They are no longer branded Nankang, they are now “Retro” brand and the tread pattern is around the correct way, as per Michelin XVS. Everything else remains the same, including the H speed rating. Most budget tyres of this size have a lower speed rating than your original tyre.

So now, whatever your budget, your D Model can wear tyres which look the part too.

Click here for photos of the new Retro tyres.

4 Comments on “Revised budget tyre for Citroen D Models”

  1. Renzo Mazzolini says:

    I bought the Nankangs a while back and have yet to get them fitted. What difference does the incorrect tread pattern make on handling?

    • Hi Renzo,

      I didn’t find any problem with the handling of the ones with the backwards tread. However, now that it’s been turned around, the side of the tread with more rubber is on the outside, so should make grip when cornering even better as this is where the weight transfers to. In practice, I doubt there will be any noticeable difference unless you are using them for track days or driving on the limit.

  2. Gaz says:

    Hi All
    I’ve been running these nankangs for a good few months now the first thing I noticed was how well my steering improved. The original tyres that came with the car were Michelins and although they had plenty of tread on and pumped up to the correct pressure the steering was always heavy especially manoeuvring at slow speed IE reversing out of the garage was always a two handed job,now it’s a dream. Whether it’s my imagination I also find it easier to get up to speed and the ride is a lot smoother.
    If you’re looking for new tyres at £300 I would highly recommend these
    Regards Gaz

    • Renzo Mazzolini says:

      Hi Gaz,
      Funny you should mention the heavy steering as I’m having the same problem. Will get the tyres fitted sooner now if it will improve this. Thanks

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