Fitting D Model brake discs

There has been a bit of discussion lately about shuddery brakes developing on D Model Citroens. This is not an uncommon problem and can be caused by a variety of things; Pad quality, disc quality and / or run-out, contamination, stuck calliper piston, bent gearbox output flange etc.


We think that the most common cause is incorrect fitting. The discs on these cars cannot just be fitted and done like most cars, the correct procedure MUST be followed to ensure a long and trouble free disc life. Obviously the above items should also be checked too.



Rather than me spell out the procedure, the original factory version (2 pages) is here: Brake disc fitting

To buy new discs, click here.

2 Comments on “Fitting D Model brake discs”

  1. Rob says:

    When I brought my ds the brakes started shuddering after a few weeks I brought some nos brake pads (admittedly asbestos) and that sorted the problem. They do shudder when if they
    Get wet ,is that normal?

    • This type of shudder, when the brakes get wet is different. It would be a low speed vibration accompanied by a graunching farting sound. This is quite normal, although I have found that newer pad types are more likely to do this than the old asbestos ones, even in the dry. The type of shudder referred to in the post is at all speeds and is akin to the brake grabbing and then letting go repeatedly in time with the wheel revolutions.

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