Torque settings for DS19/20/21/23 engine

In answer to often asked questions, the main torque settings for the post-1966 D Model engines are as follows:

All torque settings are in foot-pounds (Ftlbs).

Cylinder head: 22 then 44 (tighten all to 22, then go around again tightening to 44. See below for tightening order)
Main bearings: 70
Big end bearings: 55
Flywheel: 66
Sump: 14
Sump drain plug: 30
Timing chain cover: 14
Timing chain sprocket: 14
Camshaft retaining fork and chain guide: 14
Timing chain tensioner: 8
Banjo bolts on cylinder head oil feed: 14

Valve clearances (best to set these with the engine hot):

COLD: Inlet 0.15mm Exhaust 0.20mm

HOT: Inlet 0.20 Exhaust 0.25mm

Cyl head tightening order

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