About us

Citroen Classics is run by Darrin and Kristina Brownhill, who are both from New Zealand.
After Darrin had spent 14 years working at a garage specialising in French cars, and in particular classic Citroens, in Auckland, he and Kris decided on a change of scenery and came to Britain where Darrin spent the next 5 years working at a DS garage in London.

In April 2006 Darrin and Kris set up Citroen Classics, with the aim of offering a better level of service, workmanship and classic Citroen car parts availability to the Citroen enthusiast and in 2009 scooped the Birmingham Telegraph Classic Car Specialist of the Year Award.

After nearly 2 years of sharing a workshop in Brentford, West London, Citroen Classics had grown to the point that it needed its own workshop in order to continue to provide the high standard of service which their customers demanded. In March 2008 it moved to new premises by the River Thames in Staines upon Thames, UK, and in July 2010 relocated the Citroen car parts dept to another unit in the same complex and opened a dedicated bodywork repair and restoration shop in the old parts store.

In November 2010 Citroen Classics launched a new website with parts shop to enable their customers all over the world to purchase parts with ease any time of the day or night. This proved so successful that by  March 2012 Citroen Classics had expanded the range of parts kept in stock and taken on staff to handle the mail, telephone and website orders, letting Darrin spend more time in the workshop repairing cars.

Darrin and Kris are both Citroen enthusiasts, having owned models from Traction Avant to C8. They are both active in the Citroen Car Club and in 2011 Kris joined the D Section committee. They are also members of 2CVGB, TOC and CCCNZ. In 2009 Darrin won an award from the Citroen Car Club D Section for “promoting the cause” and donating time to help D Series owners.

Every year since 2009 Citroen Classics has hosted and run a Technical Weekend for the Citroen Car Club D Section, where owners come along and learn about maintaining their car by doing jobs on it, with expert help at hand if they are not sure about anything. This has proven very popular and the highlight of the weekend is the Saturday evening group meal at a local restaurant.


2 Comments on “About us”

  1. Hugh Forsyth says:


    I would like to know if you can recommend a manual that provides a step by step approach to working on Citroen DS cars – we have a 1973 Pallas.

    At present we live at the bottom of New Zealand (Dunedin) and there experienced mechanics available. Previously we lived in Auckland and where there is an active Classic Citroen community.

    Would appreciate your thoughts.


    Hugh Forsyth

    • The best manuals are the original factory manuals as the others tend to confuse early and late models and their procedures, leaving the user completely confused.
      The factory manuals can be down loaded for free as a pdf file, but I cannot get the links to work with this reply, so have added a post with the links to the manuals.
      These are large files, particularly Volume 2, so will take a few minutes to download, even with broadband of a reasonable speed.

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