Re-taping your Citroen DS or Ami steering wheel

We’ve been fitting and selling quite a few steering wheel binding tapes recently, so I’ve put together a fitting guide.


These binding tapes are available in both black and ivory colours to suit Citroen D Models until 1972, Ami 6 and Ami 8 until January 1973.

Click on the link below for the pdf fitting guide.

How to retape your steering wheel

Surcharges on reconditioned parts

We are having problems getting people to send old exchange parts back to us for reconditioning when they buy reconditioned or re-manufactured items. For some items this is becoming a problem with supplies of old parts suitable for reconditioning running dangerously low. Of course not all old parts are suitable for reconditioning, so supplies will slowly diminish anyway, but this makes it even more important that as many parts are sent back for reconditioning as possible.
Until now the refundable surcharge has been a token amount, but we find most people just absorb the cost rather than send the old parts back, or maybe just never get around to it, so we are having to increase the surcharge to provide enough incentive for people to send the old parts back.
We were discussing this with some of the main suppliers in Europe last week and they are having the same problems. It’s not about the money, we do not make anything from the surcharge because whatever amount it is gets refunded, it’s about keeping the system working. Therefore the surcharge has to be greater than the cost of sending the old parts back or else it all grinds to a halt. All our surcharges will have to rise because of this, unfortunately.
If you have old parts that should have been sent back to a supplier somewhere, not just us, please send them back as soon as you can to help keep the system working.

If parts have to be made new from scratch due to lack of items to recondition, you will not like the quality or the price, so it’s in all of our interests to do our part in keeping the system working.

Scraping noise from DS front wheel.

I have been doing a routine service on a DS in the workshop today and found that it had a worn inner track rod joint on the right side. When I went around to the left side and turned the wheel full lock to access the grease nipples, I noticed a scraping sound when rotating the wheel. Upon investigation I found that the track rod was scraping on the inner edge of the wheel rim and had been for some time judging by the wear mark and shaved down balance weights! Closer examination revealed that at some point in the past, someone wasn’t being too observant and had fitted a right side track rod to the left side of the car. This meant that the bend in the rod to provide clearance for the wheel rim on full lock was going the wrong way and giving less clearance, hence the scraping noise. Strangely, the vehicle owner didn’t notice it, or if he did made no mention of it.
By chance, although it was fitted to the wrong side, the track rod was in perfect condition, so I used it to replace the worn out one on the right side and fitted a new correct item to the left.
There is always something amusing to be found in a classic Citroen garage!