Scraping noise from DS front wheel.

I have been doing a routine service on a DS in the workshop today and found that it had a worn inner track rod joint on the right side. When I went around to the left side and turned the wheel full lock to access the grease nipples, I noticed a scraping sound when rotating the wheel. Upon investigation I found that the track rod was scraping on the inner edge of the wheel rim and had been for some time judging by the wear mark and shaved down balance weights! Closer examination revealed that at some point in the past, someone wasn’t being too observant and had fitted a right side track rod to the left side of the car. This meant that the bend in the rod to provide clearance for the wheel rim on full lock was going the wrong way and giving less clearance, hence the scraping noise. Strangely, the vehicle owner didn’t notice it, or if he did made no mention of it.
By chance, although it was fitted to the wrong side, the track rod was in perfect condition, so I used it to replace the worn out one on the right side and fitted a new correct item to the left.
There is always something amusing to be found in a classic Citroen garage!