NEW D Model wheels now available!

Brand new road wheels for all Citroen D Models (DS and ID) made after September 1965 are now available, and have just arrived in stock today.

These are the wider 5.5J wheels with square centre hole, as originally fitted to all models after 1970. The rims are welded to the centres, not riveted like the originals and this means you can run tubeless tyres more reliably. They are painted in the right grey colour inside and out.

No more trying to make your rusted and pitted wheels look good again, sell them to the scrap man and buy some shiny new ones!

We will have a limited number of these available to buy at the D Rally (Little Horwood MK17 0PF Recreation ground behind Shoulder of Mutton Pub – June 12-14 2015) but to secure yours BUY NOW for delivery, or collection at the rally. We’ll also most likely have these available already fitted with new Retro Tyres so you can buy, fit and drive away on them.

New Citroen DS Wheel

Brand new Citroen DS road wheel

Citroen DS instrument panel connections

We’ve had a few people asking us about the instrument panel connections on their post October 1969 Citroen DS or Citroen ID, so I’ve written this post to help you find the information easier.


A = Instrumentation illumination
B = + ignition feed for warning lamps
C = Fuel gauge (to tank unit)
D = – Earth
E = Tachometer (rev counter)
F = Temperature gauge (if fitted), to sensor on engine.

A = Main beam warning lamp (blue)
B = Dipped beam warning lamp (green)
C = Rear screen heater warning lamp
D = Hydraulic pressure warning lamp
E = Alternator (charging) warning lamp
F = Empty

A = Left indicator warning lamp
B = Engine oil pressure warning lamp
C = Brake pad wear warning lamp
D = Right indicator warning lamp
E = Hazard warning light (bottom middle red light)
F = Coolant temperature warning lamp

Items such as coolant temperature gauge and hazard lights are not fitted to all models, but the circuits already exist in the instrument panel so it is just a matter of connecting to the appropriate terminal should you wish to add these features to a car without.

Factory model designations for all Citroen DS and ID models from 9/1965

Factory model designations:

DE = ID19A 09/1965 > 09/1966 (1911cc) Old model engine and gearbox, but with later hubs and 5 stud wheels.
DV = ID19B 9/66> (1985cc) From 09/1969 onwards was called D Special.
DT = ID20 10/68> (1985cc) From 09/1969 onwards was called D Super.
DY = DS19A 9/65 > 10/68, DS20 10/68> (1985cc)(DY models are semi-automatic)
DL = DS19MA 9/65 > 10/68, DS20M 10/68> 9/69(1985cc)(DL models are DS’s with manual gear shift)
DLF = Estate version of DL models, but continued until end of production in 1975
DYF = Estate versions of DY models, only made from 2/1968 onwards (DYF models are semi-automatic)
DX = DS21 09/1965 > 07/1972 (2175cc) 07/1972> (2349cc) (DX models are semi-automatic)
DJ = DS21M 09/1965 > 07/1972 (2175cc) 07/1972> (2349cc) (DJ models have manual gear shift)
DJF = ID21F 09/1965 > 07/1972 (2175cc) 07/1972> (2349cc) (Estate version of DJ, except that estate versions always have ID trim and dashboard)
DXF = ID21FH 09/1965 > 07/1972 (2175cc) 07/1972> (2349cc)(Estate version of DX semi auto, except that estate versions always have ID trim and dashboard)
DP = D Super 5 (2175cc) This is an ID variant, basically a D Super fitted with DS21 engine and 5 speed manual gearbox. Only made from July 1972 onwards.

For a table of engine codes, their horsepower and what model each was fitted to, click the link below.

Citroen D Model engine codes